Namibian Embassies & Consulates

High Commission of Namibia in Harare

Address Lot 1 of 7A Borrowdale Estates 69 Borrowdale Road HarareZimbabwe Phone local: (04) 885.841international: +263.4.885.841 Fax local: (04) 885.800international: +263.4.885.800 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in Lusaka

Address 6968 Kabanga Rd Rhodes Park LusakaZambia Phone local: (021) 125.2250international: + Fax local: (021) 125.2497international: + Email [email protected]

Namibian representation in USA

Address 1605 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC 20009 Phone local: (202) 986.0540international: +1.202.986.0540 Address 360 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1502 New York, NY Phone local: (212) 685.2003international: +1.212.685.2003

High Commission of Namibia in London

Address 6 Chandos Street London WIG 9LUUnited Kingdom Phone local: (020) 7636.6244international: +44.20.7636.6244 Fax local: (020) 7637.5694international: +44.20.7637.5694 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Stockholm

Address Luntmakargatan 86-88 11351 22 StockholmSweden Phone local: (08) 442.9800international: +46.8.442.9800 Fax local: (08) 612.6655international: +46.8.612.6655 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in Pretoria

Address 702 Church Street Arcadia, PretoriaSouth Africa Phone local: (012) 481.9100international: +27.12.481.9100 Fax local: (012) 343.7294international: +27.12.343.7294 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Moscow

Address 2nd Kazachy Lane House No. 7 MoscowRussia Phone local: (0495) 230.3275international: +7.495.230.3275 Fax local: (0495) 230.2274international: +7.495.230.2274 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in Abuja

Address 1738 T.Y. Danyuma Street Cadasdral Zone A4 Asokoro District AbujaNigeria Phone local: (09) 314.2740international: +234.9.314.2740 Fax local: (09) 314.2743international: +234.9.314.2743 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in Kuala Lumpur

Address Suite 15-01, Level 15 Menara HLA No. 3 Jalan Kia Peng 50450 Kuala LumpurMalaysia Phone local: (03) 2164.6520international: +60.3.2164.6520 Fax local: (03) 2168.8790international: +60.3.2168.8790 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in New Delhi

Address E-26, Poorvi Marg Vascant Vihar New Delhi 110 057India Phone local: (011) 2616.0389international: +91.11.2616.0389 Fax local: (011) 2614.6120international: +91.11.2614.6120 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Berlin

Address Wichmannstrasse 5 10787 BerlinGermany Phone local: (030) 254.0950international: + Fax local: (030) 2540.9555international: +49.30.2540.9555 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Paris

Address 80 Avenue Foch 17 Square de l/Avenue Foch ParisFrance Phone local: (01) 4417.3265international: +33.1.4417.3265 Fax local: (01) 4417.3273international: +33.1.4417.3273 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Addis Ababa

Address Bole Road W. 17 K. 19 House No. 002 Addis Abeba (Addis Ababa)Ethiopia Postal PO Box 1443 Phone local: (011) 661.1966international: +251.11.661.1966 Fax local: (011) 661.2677international: +251.11.661.2677 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Havana

Address 36 Street No. 504 Near 5th Avenue Miramar, Playa La Habana (Havana)Cuba Phone local: (07) 204.1430international: + Fax local: (07) 204.1431international: + Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Kinshasa

Address 138 Boulevard du 30 Juin Gombe, Kinshasa 1Congo-Kinshasa Postal PO.Box 89 34 Phone local: (081) 880.7208international: +243.81.880.7208 Fax local: (081) 301.0546international: +243.81.301.0546 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Beijing

Address 2-9-2 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Office Building Beijing 100600China Phone local: (010) 6532.2211international: +86.10.6532.2211 Fax local: (010) 6532.4549international: +86.10.6532.4549 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Brasilia

Address SHIS QI 09, Conjunto 08, Casa 11 Lago Sul Brasília DF CEP: 71.625-080Brazil Phone local: (061) 3248.6274international: +55.61.3248.6274 Fax local: (061) 3248.7135international: +55.61.3248.7135 Email [email protected]

High Commission of Namibia in Gaborone

Address Plot 186 Morara Close GaboroneBotswana Postal PO Box 987 Phone local: 390.2181international: +267.390.2181 Fax local: 390.2248international: +267.390.2248 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Brussels

Address Avenue de Tervuren 454 B1150 Bruxelles (Brussels)Belgium Phone local: (02) 771.1410international: +32.2.771.1410 Fax local: (02) 771.9689international: +32.2.771.9689 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Vienna

Address Strozzigasse 10-14 1080 Wien (Vienna)Austria Phone local: (01) 402.9371international: +43.1.402.9371 Fax local: (01) 402.9370international: +43.1.402.9370 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Namibia in Luanda

Address Rua Dos Coquiros No. 37 LuandaAngola Postal PO Box 953 Phone local: 222.395.483international: +244.222.395.483 Fax local: 222.339.234international: +244.222.339.234 Email [email protected]

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