Embassies & Consulates

Consulate-General of Portugal in Toronto

Address 438 University Avenue Suite 1400, Box 41 Toronto ON M5G 2K8Canada Phone local: (416) 217.0966international: +1.416.217.0966 Fax local: (416) 217.0973international: +1.416.217.0973 Email [email protected]

Consulate-General of Portugal in Montreal

Address 2020 boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Suite 2425 Montréal QC H3A 2A5Canada Phone local: (514) 499.0359international: +1.514.499.0359 Fax local: (514) 499.0366international: +1.514.499.0366 Email [email protected] Web site http://www.secomunidades.pt/montreal/ Hours 9h00 - 12h30

Embassy of Portugal in Ottawa

Address 645 Island Park Drive Ottawa ON K1Y 0B8Canada Phone local: (613) 729.0883international: +1.613.729.0883 Fax local: (613) 729.4236international: +1.613.729.4236 Email [email protected]

Honorary Consulate of Malta in Amsterdam

Honorary Consul Mr ADRIAN W. GRANDIA Address Nieuwe Doelenstraat 8 1012 CP AmsterdamNetherlands Phone local: (020) 531.1609international: +31.20.531.1609 Fax local: (020) 624.2962international: +31.20.624.2962 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Malta in The Hague

Address Carnegielaan 4-14 2517 KH Den Haag (The Hague)Netherlands Phone local: (070) 356.1252international: +31.70.356.1252 Fax local: (070) 364.8789international: +31.70.364.8789 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Italy in St. Gallen

Address Frongartenstrasse, 9 9000 St. Gallen (San Gallo)Switzerland Phone local: (071) 227.4141international: + Fax local: (071) 227.4140international: + Email [email protected] Web site www.conssangallo.esteri.it

Consulate of Italy in Sion

Address 3 Avenue de la Gare 1950 SionSwitzerland Phone local: (027) 322.8787international: +41.27.322.8787 Fax local: (027) 323.3010international: +41.27.323.3010

Consulate of Italy in Neuchâtel

Address 3, Faubourg de l’Hopital 2001 NeuchâtelSwitzerland Phone local: (032) 724.3100international: +41.32.724.3100 Fax local: (032) 725.8722international: +41.32.725.8722 Email [email protected] Web site www.consneuchatel.esteri.it

Consulate of Italy in Chur

Address Poststrasse 9 7002 Chur (Coira)Switzerland Phone local: (081) 252.3761international: + Fax local: (081) 252.6897international: + Email [email protected]

Consulate-General of Italy in Zurich

Address Tödistrasse, 67 8039 ZurichSwitzerland Phone local: (044) 286.6111international: + Fax local: (044) 201.1611international: + Email [email protected] Web site www.conszurigo.esteri.it

Consulate-General of Italy in Lugano

Address Via Ferruccio Pelli, 16 6901 LuganoSwitzerland Phone local: (091) 913.3050international: +41.91.913.3050 Fax local: (091) 923.7578international: +41.91.923.7578 Email [email protected] Web site www.conslugano.esteri.it

Consulate-General of Italy in Lausanne

Address 29, Rue du Petit-Chêne, 1003 LausanneSwitzerland Phone local: (021) 341.1291international: +41.21.341.1291 Fax local: (021) 312.1377international: +41.21.312.1377 Email [email protected] Web site www.conslosanna.esteri.it

Consulate-General of Italy in Geneva

Address 14, Rue Charles Galland 1206 Genève (Geneva)Switzerland Phone local: (022) 839.6744international: +41.22.839.6744 Fax local: (022) 839.6745international: +41.22.839.6745 Email [email protected] Web site www.consginevra.esteri.it

Consulate-General of Italy in Basel

Address Schaffhauserrheinweg, 5 4058 BaselSwitzerland Phone local: (061) 689.9626international: +41.61.689.9626 Fax local: (061) 691.0168international: +41.61.691.0168 Email [email protected] Web site www.consbasilea.esteri.it

Embassy of Italy in Berne

Address Elfenstrasse, 14 3006 BerneSwitzerland Phone local: (031) 350.0777international: +41.31.350.0777 Fax local: (031) 350.0711international: +41.31.350.0711 Email [email protected] Web site www.ambberna.esteri.it

Embassy of Ireland in The Hague

Address Scheveningseweg 112 2584 AE Den Haag (The Hague)Netherlands Phone local: (070) 363.0993international: +31.70.363.0993 Fax local: (070) 361.7604international: +31.70.361.7604 Email [email protected] Web site http://www.irishembassy.nl/

Consulate of Switzerland in Turin

Address Via della Consolata 1 bis 10122 TorinoItaly Phone local: (011) 595.509international: +39.011.595.509 Fax local: (011) 436.5274international: +39.011.436.5274 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Switzerland in Trieste

Address Via C. Battisti 18 34125 TriesteItaly Phone local: (040) 760.0400international: +39.040.760.0400 Fax local: (040) 348.3378international: +39.040.348.3378 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Switzerland in Reggio Calabria

Address Via Tenente Panella 4 89125 Reggio CalabriaItaly Phone local: (096) 532.3742international: +39.096.532.3742 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Switzerland in Padova

Address c/o OMSP Macola srl Viale Veneto 26/28 35020 SaonaraItaly Phone local: (049) 879.1490international: +39.049.879.1490 Fax local: (049) 879.1910international: +39.049.879.1910 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Switzerland in Catania

Address Viale Alcide de Gasperi 151 5° piano, scala B 95127 CataniaItaly Phone local: (095) 386.919international: +39.095.386.919 Fax local: (095) 375.475international: +39.095.375.475 Email [email protected]

Consulate of Switzerland in Bari

Address Piazza Luigi di Savoia 41/a 70121 BariItaly Phone local: (080) 524.9697international: +39.080.524.9697 Fax local: (080) 524.7329international: +39.080.524.7329 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo

Address Josipa Stadlera 15 71000 SarajevoBosnia and Herzegovina Phone local: (033) 275.850international: +387.33.275.850 Fax local: (033) 570.120international: +387.33.570.120 Email [email protected] Web site http://www.eda.admin.ch/sarajevo

Embassy of Switzerland in Tirana

Address Ruga e Elbasanit 81 Tiranë (Tirana)Albania Phone local: (04) 223.4888international: +355.4.223.4888 Fax local: (04) 223.4889international: +355.4.223.4889 Email [email protected] Web site http://www.eda.admin.ch/tirana

Embassy of Spain in Moscow

Address Ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 50/8 Moscow 121069Russia Phone local: (0495) 690.2993international: +7.495.690.2993 Fax local: (0495) 691.9171international: +7.495.691.9171 Email [email protected]

Consulate-General of Spain in Porto

Address Rua don João IV, 341 4000-302 PortoPortugal Phone local: (022) 536.3915international: +351.22.536.3915 Fax local: (022) 510.1914international: +351.22.510.1914 Email [email protected]

Embassy of Spain in Lisbon

Address Rua do Salitre, 1 1269-052 Lisboa (Lisbon)Portugal Phone local: (021) 347.2381international: +351.21.347.2381 Fax local: (021) 347.2384international: +351.21.347.2384 Email [email protected]

Honorary Consulate of Luxembourg in Thessaloniki

Honorary Consul M. Yannis VERGINIS Address Thessaloniki Industrial Zone (Sindos) GR-57022 ThessalonikiGreece Phone local: (2310) 799.502international: +30.2310.799.502 Fax local: (2310) 795.858international: +30.2310.795.858 Email [email protected] Hours Mon-Fri, 08h00-16h00

Honorary Consulate of Luxembourg in Patras

Honorary Consul M. Georges LAGOPANAGIOTOPOULOS Address 5, rue Evriklias 26442 PatrasGreece Phone local: (2610) 990.556international: +30.2610.990.556 Fax local: (2610) 990.558international: +30.2610.990.558 Email [email protected] Hours Mon-Fri, 09h00-15h00

Embassy of Luxembourg in Athens

Address 23A Vassilissis Sofias Ave & 2 Neofytou Vamva St 10674 AthensGreece Phone local: (210) 725.6400international: +30.210.725.6400 Fax local: (210) 725.6405international: +30.210.725.6405 Email [email protected]

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